Accelatis Ascension Suite

Better Performance. Less Guesswork

BSP Software, through a strategic partnership with Accelatis, LLC,introduces the premier performance management and performance monitoring software application for IBM Cognos.

 Manage remote server configuration & log files

 Monitor system health KPIs.

 Resolve issues by detecting symptoms/patterns and drilling to source thereby reducing mean time to recovery.

 Simulate user experience and maintain SLAs.

 Optimize infrastructure and tuning settings with quantifiable baselines and results.

 Anticipate outages by utilizing proactive alerting.


Accelatis Ascension Suite helps monitor, manage and report at all levels of your underlying environment, from business analytics to IT/infrastructure through application administration and proactive awareness. Accelatis Ascension Suite lets you enjoy more insight and better performance while avoiding the all too common frustrations of excessive guesswork, system downtime, and user complaints.


The Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Proficiency Model helps gauge your current approach and process to solve your company’s challenges. Accelatis Ascension Suite helps companies evolve to the level they desire to deliver the performance they demand.

We’re here when you need us.

Whether you have an enhancement idea or are in an hour of need, you can feel assured you have a team of support technicians and software engineers dedicated to your success. Our customer support is unparalleled in the industry. Over several years we have designed, built and implemented a support system that ensures our customers get fast turnaround.

So what can you do with Accelatis Ascension Suite? Take a tour through the features pages and find out!

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Accelatis Ascension Suite for IBM Cognos is brought to you via a strategic partnership between Accelatis LLC, and BSP Software LLC. As industry leaders in the areas of Application Performance Management and IBM Cognos, respectively, we’ve teamed up to bring organizations the most powerful alternative to gain the most insight into your IBM Cognos Environment available anywhere.