Integrated Control Suite™ (ICS) is a collection of high performing modules designed to empower the entire analytics team and streamline the BI development lifecycle. The patented technology within ICS provides IBM Cognos customers with a natural and simplistic experience including:


Version Control
Broadcast Messaging
Insight and control that you’ve never had before!

Enforce tight controls throughout your business analytics lifecycle.

The integration that BSP has achieved with ICS goes far deeper than just a few icons within Cognos Connection. We have pioneered and patented concepts for integrating our solutions throughout the entire IBM Cognos platform. Each of the ICS modules integrates into the IBM Cognos user interface respecting the user’s look and feel preferences such as skinning. Tight integration into the IBM Cognos Security and Administration layers ensure transparency to all users and supporting IT departments. Above and beyond version control and content management, ICS provides the capabilities needed to enforce workflow and audit controls throughout the lifecycle of IBM Cognos artifacts.

We build great software because we use it!

ICS was built by seasoned Software Engineers and Consultants who have lived and breathed the same challenges that you deal with on a daily basis. Our reach into the field has enabled us to see firsthand the challenges that BI administrators, developers and users need to overcome.

We’re here when you need us.

Whether you have an enhancement idea or are calling us in your hour of need, feel assured you have a team of support technicians and software engineers dedicated to your success. Our customer support is unparalleled in the industry. Over several years we have developed a support system that ensures our customers get the attention they need and deserve.

So what can you do with ICS?

Take a run through our product tour and find out just what ICS can do!