Webinar Channel

BSP is committed to helping educate and inform our customers and prospective customers about the vast set of features available using our products and the IBM Cognos suite. Our webinars informally dives into different use cases presented by our customers to meet IBM Cognos challenges head on.




4/2015 – Version Control for IBM Cognos – (49 min.)

Tech Data BSP Software’s Integrated Control Suite™ provides self-service tools for Authors, policies and processes for Administrators and Insight into the BI Lifecycle for the entire organization. All this at an affordable price with No Per-User or Per-Dispatcher fees.





2/2015 – Visualize IBM Cognos Security and Licensing with MetaManager™ – (34 min.)

Visualize IBM Cognos Security and Licensing with MetaManager’s™ Security Auditor and License Auditor modules. License Auditor now supports the new IBM Cognos Licensing as of July 2014.



9/2014 – Performance Monitoring Webinar – (34 min.)

Tech Data BSP Software tackles Performance Monitoring with a new set of modules in MetaManager™


8/2014 – MetaManager™ API for IBM Cognos – (52 min.)

In this 45 minute webinar we will walk through 5 practical examples of using the MetaManager™ Script Runner module and Server API to squash huge tasks, automate repetitive ones and enable end users to serve themselves. The webinar examples and a free trial are available.

7/2014 – MetaManager™ for TM1 – (30 min.)

This 30 minute webinar demonstrates one of the greatest mergers of all time, with the TM1 modules now part of a new group within MetaManager™ for IBM Cognos. Also come see our new module dedicated to managing Element Level Security in TM1.

5/2014 – MetaManager™ Free Modules – (56 min.)

This 45 minute webinar covers the new MetaManager™ Tiered pricing model as well as a demonstration of MetaManager’s™ 4 free modules. In addition the last 15 minutes of questions and answers provide some good tidbits of use cases that can be addressed with MetaManager’s™ many modules.

12/2013 – New Scripting API within MetaManager™ – (58 min.)

Script runner is an API that allows that ability to unlock the power of MetaManager™ by writing custom scripts that can run in a bulk fashion. We have created our own classes and methods that perform functions within Cognos through our MetaManager™ API.

8/2013 – Cognos Security Best Practices and Automation with MetaManager™ 5 – (51 min.)

Maintaining a secure environment over time can become an unwieldy task. This webinar will give you some best practices around security administration in Cognos. You’ll see how MetaManager’s™ security modules can help you audit, edit, replicate, replace, export and import security.

7/2013 – Enhanced Mapping in Cognos Report Studio – (69 min.)

In this webinar, we walk through a reporting application that uses both built in Cognos Maps for a high level view of information and Google maps for a more granular analysis of the data. We discuss: * Pros and cons of the built-in maps * How to enhance built in maps with JavaScript * Where to find information on importing new Cognos maps *How to integrate 3rd party mapping APIs in Report Studio * How to tie 3rd party maps to Cognos charts and controls

7/2013 – Data Quality: How Good is Your Data? – (43 min.)

Information is the lifeblood of any organization and if the quality of that information isn’t properly governed, it could be detrimental to the business. Poor quality can lead to higher costs, inability to properly market, compliance risks and an overall lack of trust. Maintaining quality information is a discipline to measure, improve, and certify the quality and integrity of an organization’s data. Data Quality includes data understanding, standardization, matching, cleansing and monitoring. Organizations need to ensure high data quality and put measurements in place to keep the quality high over time. To achieve a single version of the truth, data quality is a requirement, not an optional function of an organization. Tech Data BSP Software is proud to collaborate with the experts at Alpine Consulting Inc. to bring you this webinar about data quality.

5/2013 – Tips & Tricks on Cognos Workspace – (20 min.)

Take a look as we outline some tips and tricks for developing dynamic, maintainable, user friendly Cognos Workspace Dashboards. In a simple overview, you will learn best practices from developing a process to build dashboards from Cognos Workspace friendly base reports to implementing user interface design techniques. Also learn the basic functionality options of the tool including Tabbed Workspaces, The Global Area, Slider and Select Value Filters, Navigation Tools, and Widget Types.

4/2013 – Gain Some Insight and Streamline Your Commute – (38 min.)

IBM Cognos Insight is a personal analytics solution which allows users to explore, analyze, visualize, and share data without the help of IT Resources. It is designed for business analysts and managers to create and share unique applications. Users can import their own data to build custom dashboards including visualizations and interactivity.

2/2013 – MetaManager™ 5 for IBM Cognos – (48 min.)

Need to tune up your reporting environment? Streamline productivity and drive dramatic return on investment with MetaManager™ from BSP Software. MetaManager™ is the most powerful suite of IBM Cognos administrative tools around the world! Don’t waste time in the slow lane… Rev up your engines and Update, Blast, Secure, Deploy, Document and Extend your IBM Cognos Environment with MetaManager™ 5!

1/2013 – Cognos Skinning – (41 min.)

Watch this informative webinar to learn how to completely customize and skin Cognos.

12/2012 – Security Migrations Made Easy – (45 min.)

Watch this webinar to learn how to complete a security migration on your own, on your timelines, at your convenience.

10/2012 – What’s New in Cognos 10.2 – (35 min.)

Watch as we cover all of the new features of Cognos 10.2 and why they matter for your Cognos deployment. We cover new eatures and how you can use them today, what is Cognos Workspace, Dynamic Cubes and why they are a HUGE upgrade, what’s new with Cognos Mobile, and much, much more!

7/2012 – Performance Monitoring for IBM Cognos – (44 min.)

BSP is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Accelatis to bring one of the most comprehensive and advanced performance monitoring solutions to IBM Cognos customers worldwide. Learn how Accelatis Ascension Suite can give you better insight and performance, while avoiding the all too common frustrations of excessive guesswork, system downtime, and user complaints.

6/2012 – Deep Dive into IBM Cognos Insight – (35 min.)

In this webinar, we not only show you the product features, but also how to install, connect, & implement this low-cost user solution from IBM Cognos!

5/2012 – User-Adoption The Key To Successful Implementations, An IBM Cognos Webinar From BSP – (45 min.)

User-Adoption is critical to an organization’s overall strategy for rolling out and delivering accurate and on-time Business Intelligence. As the Business Analytics industry grows, and your IBM Cognos environment expands, the broader adoption and leverage of new and existing technologies will determine your organization’s ability to realize the full potential and ROI of a successful IBM Cognos deployment.

3/2012 – Discover IBM Cognos FSR For the first time – (27 min.)

The ins-and-outs of IBM Cognos FSR to help you determine whether this key Business Analytics solution is THE missing component to your successful corporate analytics initiative.

2/2012 – The 5 Things Every Cognos Environment Needs – (38 min.)

Business Analytics continually evolves to newer, and more innovative technologies. We will walk you through the best-practices of how to implement these 5 critical components of a successful Cognos deployment.

11/2011 – Cognos 10 Easing the Upgrade Process with Lifecycle Manager – (33 min.)

This webinar demonstrates how to ease the Cognos 10 upgrade process utilizing the functionality afforded by Lifecycle Manager and the ability to successfully run Environment Coexistence. Some of the features and benefits to be highlighted and demonstrated include Report Comparison & Staging the Upgrade process.

11/2011 – ICS 2.4 What’s New Webinar – (29 min.)

A look at the new Report Documenter and added feature of Version Control for all objects in the content store.

8/2011 – MetaManager™ 3.8 What’s New Webinar – (34 min.)

See the new features in this exciting release. Support for Single Signon, New Tree View Options, Object Editor, Report Search, Backup / Restore / Deploy, Content Store Documenter, Prompt Editor, Integrated Security

7/2011 – IBM Cognos 10 Active Reports – (33 min.)

How Cognos 10’s new reporting capabilities are changing the way organizations consume and interact with data