MetaManager™ works to keep your IBM Cognos BI Implementation clean and efficient. We’ve compiled a list of best practices which we think you should use occasionally to keep dibs on your content store.

Report Validator

  • Find Broken Reports
  • Find Broken Report Views
  • Find Broken Shortcuts
  • Run after deployments to make sure reports have not been broken


Security Auditor

  • Run regular security snapshots for auditing.

Content Store Size

  • Generate PDF Reports for Public Folders & User’s My Folders

Canned Reports
Run and refresh reports on regular basis. Available reports are:

Report Search

  • Find reports using embedded SQL if this is a bad practice

Model Documenter

  • Create a Data Dictionary for each model by documenting only the presentation layers and some basic
    information about the Query Subjects/Items. Document this to PDF for business users and Excel (Tabular)
    for navigating with Excel’s Auto Filter capabilities. All pdf documentation is on the website casino.

Free Stuff

  • Review Orphaned Accounts and purge restore content that is needed or purge content that is no
    longer useful.
  • Take advantage of the built-in searches such as:
    • Reports not linked to a package
    • Content that contains history with failures
    • Schedules that have failed
    • Jobs with broken steps