Tech Data BSP Software just updated the Integrated Management Suite to Version 2.0!

Version 2.0 includes an updated and module specific user interface as well as new functionality.  

Security Audit

Security Auditor displays detailed membership and access right information describing who has access to what and why. Security Auditor can be configured to include access rights and datasources when running the audit.

The resulting Security Audit will contain security memberships of accounts, groups and roles within Cognos, every object that a particular user, group, or role has access to, including datasources.  As with almost all IMS content, the full audit can be exported into Excel for further analysis.  

Security Lineage

Security Lineage traverses through the entire directory and finds security membership, displaying the information in an easy to understand grid.  

The interactive grid allows the end user to select a specific object from the portal tree and view the security lineage.

Report Analyzer

Report Analyzer displays data item details of all selected reports and displays them in a table on-screen.  A more comprehensive output can be exported to Excel.  The Excel output also includes lineage which pulls information from the actual queries embedded within the model, such as Query Namespace, Query Subject and Query Item.  

Report Validation

Report Validation provides the ability to validate individual (or multiple) reports at one time.

In the event that a report has Errors or warnings, these will be included in the validation results.  This tool will save you time and effort when performing maintenance and fixes on your existing report catalog.  

If you would like to try out the new and improved Integrated Management Suite 2.0, download the latest version and request a free trial code.

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