In this article we’ll be touring through MetaManager’s new and improved Object Editor, Object Viewer and Canned Reports modules. The Canned Reports module is designed to quickly export pre-designed and formatted reports that cover a number of questions and concerns that arise in the content store.

MetaManager’s Canned Reports

  • The Account Security Audit allows you to review the group memberships, access rights and datasource access for specific users and groups.
  • The Scheduled Content Report lists all of the schedules and the recipients that receive any emailed content.
  • The License Audit Report shows a listing of each user account, the capabilities granted and the license required to cover that user’s access.
  • The Stored Outputs Report is a listing of each output, the format, and the size of the output that is taking up space in the content store.
  • The Environment Comparison Document shows a listing of orphaned objects, similarities and differences between two IBM Cognos Content Stores.


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Additional reports include: Cognos Administration Documentation, Cognos Configuration Documentation, Security Concerns and Datasource Validation.

MetaManager’s Object Editor
The Object Editor module has been redesigned to make it easy to automate the bulk updating of dozens of options across the entire content store. New in this version is full command line support, support for updating Connection Strings and removing or updating stored parameters.
What can you update with Object Editor?

  • Re-link reports to a package
  • Set reports to run in Advanced Viewer
  • Convert old Query and Analysis reports to Workspace Advanced
  • Set default language, format and actions
  • Set report output and history retentions
  • Manage stored parameters
  • Manage schedules
  • Set ownership and contacts
  • Fix connection strings, email addresses, triggers and much more.
  • and much much more…

MetaManager’s Object Viewer

Object Viewer is the newest module in MetaManager. This module is the culmination of the old Advanced Mode in Object Editor, the Specification Editor Module and many of the rich property editors found throughout the product. With this module you can easily get under the covers on any object in the content store, review and modify the raw XML, update parameters, policies and report specifications with ease.

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