IBM Cognos Report Schedules seem to be one of those areas where things can get really messy over time.  In the beginning we set up our reports to run on a reasonable schedule and email outputs to accounts in our namespace.  But over time users add email addresses to schedules instead of their namespace account equivalents.  Also as users remove themselves from schedules we end up with reports that run and that don’t email anyone.  MetaManager™ has a few solutions to address these problems.

The first thing that we want to do is learn about what’s scheduled, what’s emailed and who it’s going to.  This can be done quickly by running the Canned Reports – Scheduled Email Report to an Excel file.  The Excel output is the best format for this report because you can easily filter the list of reports and search for email addresses.

Second we’ve developed a Script Runner script to change Email Addresses on schedules to their Namespace Account equivalent. There’s an article and a copy of the script located here:

Finally we’ve developed another script to disable schedules that are set to email the report but don’t have any recipients left on the to, cc or bcc fields. That Knowledgebase article and script is located here: