The current release of MetaManager™ and Integrated Control Suite™ are both dynamically compatible with all releases of IBM Cognos Analytics, including Cognos Analytics 11.1.7 7-20-2016 8-46-47 AM

With both Integrated Control Suite™ and MetaManager™, we are able to offer same day compatibility with new IBM Cognos releases.  For Tech Data BSP users upgrading from an older Cognos platform to Cognos Analtyics, the MetaManager™ experience will remain the same.  However, with Integrated Control Suite™, you will see that ICS has adopted a look and feel mimics the new Cognos Analytics interface.  You will find ICS functionality in two places, in the reports toolbar, and in the Administration panel, both of which include all of the same ICS functionality that you have come to rely upon.

ics c 11 interface

As IBM continues to upgrade and enhance Cognos Analytics with new releases, Tech Data BSP will continue to offer same day dynamic compatibility and product integration.  If you are interested in learning more about our products, and how they can help meet your business needs, visit our download pages for Integrated Control Suite™ and MetaManager™ to request your free trial key!  If you would like to connect directly with our support staff with a specific question, please visit our Contact page.