How to Find and Document Datasources Tied to Packages

Use Case: I am trying to document a list of data sources tied to the packages. But unfortunately I’m unable to get the right information which I needed. I am looking for below requirements:

  • How many packages are tied to the data sources?
  • How many total number of reports are tied to the packages?

Can MetaManager help me with this?

Answer: Simply put; Yes! MetaManager allows you to run this type of ‘custom’ report using Content Documenter. Here’s how we can get this done:

Using Content Documenter and run the search //package follow the steps below:

1. Drag over the advanced search node.
2. Change the depth to ‘Include Sub Folders’
3. Click the filter button
Expand the Container folder and select Package
Expand the Reporting folder and select Report
Check the ‘Apply to all rows’ box
Click OK

4. In the far right pane
Expand the Package folder and select Datasource
Expand the Report folder and select Package

5. Select your output format (preferably Excel) and click Document
6. Do a v-lookup to connect the report to the package to find the datasource associated with that package.

Expanded Use: Finding how many packages are tied to the datasources…

Still using Content Documenter, use the search //package then drag over the advanced search node to the middle pane, expand the general folder to select audit database details, expand the package folder to select datasource, and document to Excel. Do a v-lookup to connect the datasource with the associated package.