How to Document Report History Details

Use Case: Is it possible to report history, and I don't mean from audit?  Like when we look at report history details on a view/report history, we can see what the last five runs were, options and parameters?

Using Content Documenter in conjunction with the searchpath //historyDetailRequestArguments will get the object that we need in order to document the options and parameters for the history. After using the searchpath, drag the advanced search node over to the center pane. Next, expand the report folder in the right pane and select 'Options' and 'Parameters.' Finally, choose your output format and document.

Below you will find other search options for the history detail.

For reports, enter //report//historyDetailRequestArguments

For report views, enter //reportView//historyDetailRequestArguments

Also, if you want to be specific you you can drag and drop a report view into the search text box at the top and then after the string type //historyDetailRequestArguments and that will give you the History arguments for only that one Report View, as in the screenshots below.