How to Find Groups and Roles in Cognos and Permissions to their Associated Folders

Use Case:  I would like to know if MetaManager has the capability to list the AD Groups and Roles that have permissions to folders in Cognos?
 An example would be as follows: What folders is the Analytics Explorer role associated with in Public Folders?

Using Content Documenter with the searchpath /content[@objectClass='group' or @objectClass='role'], then drug over just the folders under Public Folders. Next, highlight all rows, right click, and click on 'Set depth to include only these items." As the default is to include subfolders.

Now, in the right panel, expand the Account Security (Query Intensive) select Direct Memberships and Indirect Memberships checked. Then, expand the Security folder and select Policies.

The desired results from Policies will provide you with groups and roles in Cognos and their associated folders.