Find Reports that Ran Against a Specific Package Recently

Use Case: I would like to run quick MetaManager report on the reports that are actually run on a frequent basis and that use a specific framework package. I’m looking for the reports which ran against a specific package in past X months. I’m just curious to know is there any way to create this report in the MetaManager?

Yes, MetaManager is able to produce this report by leveraging the Cognos’ Audit Database. We can use MetaManager to connect to the Audit Database and then use Content Documenter to pull the information you are looking for into an Excel file at which point, you can filter by the date.

To setup your Cognos Audit Database in MetaManager:
1. Go to Tools > Options > IBM Cognos BI > Select your connection to edit
2. Click the dropdown arrows to edit the Audit database connection.
3. Then enter your Connection info

Once that is completed you need to go to Content Documenter:
1. Select the Built in Search > Content Built off a package.
2. Select the package you want to use
3. (optionally) use this in the search //report[containsReferences(@metadataModelPackage, %VAR_PACKAGE%)] if you only want reports
4. Drag over the reports to the grid area
5. Select “Audit Database Details under the general folder
6. Select a file location and document to Excel
7. Click Document