How to Add and Remove Portal Tabs for Users

IBM Cognos administrators that need to manage portal tabs for users face a difficult challenge. The default user can be edited to capture new users in the environment that may need certain portal tabs. But what about existing users? Or needing to assign specific portal tabs to specific users or groups? This becomes nearly impossible with the native tools offered in Cognos. Fortunately, MetaManager ’s™ Pagelet Blasters module provides administrators everything they need to manage users portal tabs.

Adding Portal Tabs

Pagelet Blasters makes adding portal tabs to user’s accounts a trivial process. We can see that the user Jimmy currently has access to only the Public Folders and My Folders tabs. To give him and his group access to additional portal tabs, we will use Pagelet Blasters.

To begin, we will first need to find the account or group that we will be updating. In this case it will be the Chicago Bulls group. Once the group is located, drag-and-drop the group to the “Distribute pagelets to:” section of the module.

Next, we will need to find the portal tabs available to us in the environment. The simplest way to get this list is to run a * search in the MetaManager™ search bar. This will return a list of all user generated portal tabs in the environment.

From this list we can select which portal tabs we want to distribute to the selected group. For this use case we will distribute the Executive and Finance portal tabs. These portal tabs should be dragged-and-dropped to the “Pagelets to distribute:” section on the right.

There are three columns that provide us with additional options around managing the portal tabs: the Action column and the green up and down arrows.

The Action column provides a drop-down to select one of three options: Distribute, Distribute (default), and Remove. Distribute will distribute that portal tab to the selected group. Distribute (default) will distribute that portal tab to the selected group and make it the default tab the users will see when they launch Cognos Connection. Remove will remove the portal tab from the selected group.

The green up and down arrows allows us to reorder the portal tabs. This includes the Public Folders and My Folder tabs as well.


For this example, we are going to distribute the portal tabs straight away as shown in the above screenshot. Do run the distribution we simply need to click the Update button in the bottom right.

Notice that the group has been broken out in to the individual members. Because portal tabs are assigned to specific users, MetaManager™ will break out the members separately if a group is selected.

We can return to the user Jimmy and see that he now has both the Executive and Finance portal tabs displaying in Cognos Connection.

Removing Portal Tabs

Oops! We shouldn’t have added the Finance tab for this group. Lucky for us, Pagelet Blasters makes removing portal tabs just as easy as adding them.

For this example, we will do the exact same steps for adding the group and portal tab to their respective areas in the module. The main difference now is that we will be selecting Remove from the Action drop-down. Once the portal tab is selected and the Action is set to Remove, click Update to remove the portal tab from the selected group

We can once again return to Jimmy’s Cognos Connection and confirm that the Finance portal tab has been removed.