How to Append Role Memberships Between Environments

Configuring new security permissions in a development or test environment before implementing those changes in production is a good practice to prevent mistakes from being made in production. However, this can mean doubling your workload by having to update group and role memberships in multiple environments. This can be even more tedious if you are simply needing to append the changes made in one environment to another. Security Editor in MetaManager™ allows you to easily export group and role memberships from one environment, and append or replace those memberships in a different environment

To begin, you will need to login to the source environment. In this example we will be starting in Development. In Development, we have added the users Mandy, Sarah, Scott, and Sloan to the Authors role.

By right-clicking the Authors role we can export these members to a CSV file by selecting “Export Memberships.” When prompted, choose a location on the file system to save the CSV.

Now that the export is complete we can switch our MetaManager™ connection to the Production environment. We can see that the four members that were added in Development are not members of Authors in Production.

Now we can import the memberships from Development by clicking the “Assign Memberships” button in the toolbar.

Click the first ellipse button in the prompt screen to select the CSV export from Development. The file path for will be displayed in the “Membership Import File:” field. Next, be sure that “Append to existing members” is selected. When ready, click OK to begin the import.

We can now refresh the Authors window in Security Editor to see that the changes have been applied and the new users are now members of this role.