How to Configure Cookie Scoping

 “The request failed because the required CAMPassport is missing.”

CM-REQ-4159 Content Manager has returned an error in the response header
CAM-AAA-0055 User input is required
CAM-AAA-0036 Unable to authenticate because the credentials are invalid
CAM-AAA-0203 Unable to generate or validate a userSessionID

No longer able to create export deployments of either single packages or full content
store either new or existing
export deployments can be created no issues when accessing the portal or running

Resolving the problem
Add Domain and (if applicable) Path information into Cognos Configuration Global
Settings, so that the browserunderstands the cookie is only valid for a certain

1. Open Cognos configuration
2. Navigate to Actions – Edit Global Configuration – General tab
3. Enter a value into the Domain option such as and Path
information such as /cognos8