How to create a list of Portal Tabs that a user(s) has available

The intent of this article is to show you how to use Content Documenter to create a list of Portal Tabs for a user or a set of users. In this article, I will demonstrate using a single user but the process will be the same for multiple users. This can be useful when you want to see which users have access to which Portal Tabs and can be a first step before using our Pagelet Blaster module to update the Portal Tabs.

If you do, you can go ahead and hit "Document" and you will end up with a list of accounts and Portal Tabs for each account. If you are exporting to Excel you will see the output below. Although you are able to export to any file format, there are benefits to exporting this output to Excel because you'll be able to filter based on users or specific Portal Tabs. The output that we get from documenting the users above looks like this:

Notice that there are two tabs from this output, General and Portal Pages, and there may be more than that if you documented more than what was in the steps above. No matter how many different attributes you are documenting on any given account, you will be able to see the Portal Tabs information by navigating to the Portal Pages tab in Excel. From here, you can filter based on the Portal Page Name, user name (which shows up on the output as "Parent Name") or even search paths.

Now let's say that I want to update the user bspadmin so that the user can see the "Past Activities" Portal Tab. We can use the Pagelet Blasters module to do this easily. You can find the module under the Deploy group. When you are in the module, you will want to drag the Portal Tab that you want to add to the user to the top pane. Then you will need to drag over the account(s) that you want to update to the bottom pane. Notice that when we pulled over the "Past Activities" Portal Tab it automatically was set to Distribute? The default action is to distribute, or add, the Portal Tab to the selected users. Once we have the users and Portal Tabs selected, we can go ahead and update andyou should see a success as a status on the user.

We see that we have successfully added that Portal Tab to our user bspadmin, but how can we be sure? We can go ahead and use the process described above to document the user and ensure that the user is able to see the "Past Activities" Portal Tab. When we document we see that, in fact, bspadmin does see "Past Activities"

But what if we don't want the user to see that Portal Tab anymore? You can use Pagelet Blasters for that too. Drag the Portal Tab over to the top pane and then the user(s) that you want to remove the Portal Tab from. This time, click on the "Distribute" option for the Portal Tab you want to remove. You will need to change "Distribute" to "Remove". Once you have done that, you can click update to make the changes to the specified users.

Again, we can use Content Store Documenter to ensure that the user no longer views that Portal Tab. We document the Portal Tabs for our user bspadmin and check the output. Just as expected, our user no longer can view the "Past Activities" Portal Tab. The Content Documenter and Pagelet Blaster modules make it easy to not just change what Portal Tabs that a user can see but also gives you the power to easily validate that the changes truly did go through.