How to Deploy Content from a User’s My Folders to a Location in Public Folders

For this MetaManager™ use case we will be looking at a scenario where a user developed a report in their My Folder, and that report now needs to be deployed to a location in Public Folders. We will be using MetaManager’s™ Backup and Restore modules to tackle this use case. While typically used for backup and recovery purposes, these modules can also be used as a deployment mechanism.

To begin, you will need to locate the user and report that you will want to deploy. In this example we will be working with the user Allisia and the “Budget vs Actual” report. You can locate the user by navigating the portal tree or by using the MetaManager™ search bar.

The next step will be using the Backup module to create a backup of the report. After you locate the user and the report, drag-and-drop the report to the “Backup Items” area in the center. Be sure to add a destination and a file name to the “Backup To:” field in the upper right.

Once you are ready you can run the back up by clicking the “Backup” button. The archive file will be generated at the destination you specified above.

Now that the report is backed up you can begin the process of deploying it to the new location. To start, change your connection to the appropriate environment you want to deploy the report to. In this use case we will be deploying to Production.





Switch to the Restore module in MetaManager™ after you have established a connection to the target environment. You will now need to select the newly created archive file so you can deploy the report. To do this, click the “Open a backup archive” button next to the “Archive location:” field. Navigate to where you saved the archive file and select that file.

Next, using the portal tree, navigate to the new folder location where you would like to deploy the report. We will be deploying the report to Public Folders > Security > Finance for this use case.

To deploy the report to the new location, you can drag-and-drop the report from the archive file to the new location in the portal tree.

<iframe src="" width="600" height="336" scrolling="no"></iframe>

You can confirm the new location by viewing the “Path” field in the items to be restored area. The final configuration will look like the below screenshot.

Once you are ready, you can click the “Restore” button and the report will be restored (or in this case deployed) to the new location. You may need to refresh the portal tree to view the report in its new location.

To recap, we deployed a report from a user’s My Folders to a new location in Public Folders. This was done by first creating a backup of the report using the Backup module. Then, we switched connections so MetaManager™ would be connected to the Production environment. After being connected to the target environment, we used the Restore module to deploy the report. We did this by dragging-and-dropping the report from the newly created archive file to the new destination folder in Production.