How to Find All Reports that Use a Specific Trigger

The search bar is a powerful part of the MetaManagerâ„¢ platform. It can used to find specific user accounts or reports, content built off a specific package, or broken report views. The search bar can also be leveraged to find all reports that are using a specific trigger. In this article, we will explore an example of this use case.

To begin, select the drop-down menu from the search bar and navigate to Reports > Reports using a specified trigger name.

Once selected, there will be a prompt to define which trigger to search for. For this example we will be search for the trigger bdaa_trigger.

After clicking OK, the portal tree will be replaced with the list of all reports that use the bdaa_trigger.

If this list needs to be shared with others, it can be entered in to a module like Content Documenter to generate an Excel file listing all these reports.

With the method just outlined it should be simple and quick to identify reports that are using a specific trigger.