How to Find What Query Items are Being Used in a Report

A common question posed to Cognos administrators is, “what query items are being used in our reports?” It’s a straightforward question that is often challenging to answer. Fortunately, MetaManager’s™ Document bundle comes with modules that can help you answer this question.

The first use case that will be explored will involve using Report Documenter. A feature of Report Documenter allows you to generate a Query Item Report. This option will generate an Excel file that contains all the elements of the reports that were selected – including query items.

To begin, select the reports you would like to include in the search and drag-and-drop them to the center object area. Next, check the box next to the “Include Lineage” and “Produce Query Item Report” options. Be sure both of these options are selected. Also, select a destination on the file system to save the output. This configuration should look similar to the screenshot below. 

Once ready, click the Document button to generate the report. When MetaManager™ finishes it should automatically launch Excel and open the report. If it doesn’t, navigate to the location on the file system where you saved the report.

The Excel report is broken up in to many columns. Each column has a header defined and is ready to be filtered. Navigate to the right and locate the Query Items column. This will contain all the query items being used by the reports that were selected. The spreadsheet can be filtered on individual query items so you can see the corresponding report that is using it. Alternatively, the spreadsheet can be filtered on an individual report as well if there are specific questions on a certain report.