How to get a List of All Reports that are being Saved to a File System

This article is intended to illustrate how to document a list of all reports that are being saved to a file system.

Leveraging MetaManager's™ Content Documenter module and the power of Excel, you can easily document a list of reports that are being saved to a file system.

Using Content Documenter,  you will use the searchpath //report to display all the reports in the portal tree. Then, drag the search node over to the middle pane. Next, you will need to expand the general folder and select schedule. Now choose .xlxs as your format and click document.

In Excel, you will need to  filter on the "Archive" option in the Options tab of Excel.
In the options tab of the Excel output you will filter the Name column for Archive and filter the Value column to TRUE.  This will give you the reports that are Archived to a file system.