How to Install ICS on 32 Bit Machine

After installing the ICS Service and you notice that the BSP_ICS Service is not in your Windows Services. This means that that the version of Windows you have is 32bit. This patch was created to finish the installation of the ICS Service.

What You'll Need:
Integrated Control Suite™ - Windows | Unix

Install the ICS Service normally. On the screen where it asked you to configure the Tomcat settings please copy that information. We will be using that with the patch installer. Once finished installing the ICS Service please navigate to the installed folder. Should look like image to the right.

From there please copy over the “” to this directory. This file can be downloaded from here (Either make a like here or state at the bottom). The patch contains the 32bit versions that is needed for this setup. Once unzipped it should look like the image to the left.

Now we need to configure the “Install-Java-32bit.bat” file. Right click on this file and choose “Edit.” We need to replace these fields that you copied from the installer.

Note: If you change the port numbers different from the installer you will have to modify the ports manually. BSP_ICS_Tomcat_32bitconfserver.xml look for <Server port="8005" shutdown="SHUTDOWN"> (ShutdownPort) and <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" (ListeningPort).

Please make the appropriate changes. You can also skip the start service after patching if you wish to start it manually from Windows Services.

Do to permission issues you cannot just right click on the “Install-Java-32bit.bat” file and “Run as Administrator.” You need to open a “Command Prompt” as an Administrator and navigate to the installed directory. Once done hit enter and close Command Prompt.

If right click and ran as administrator.

Ran the proper way.

You can check the Windows Service window and make sure that your new ICS Service is there, you may need to refresh the window. If you had the service set to manually start please start the ICS Service and finish the installation.