How to Migrate My Folders for All Users in Bulk

Bulk Migration of “My Folders” for All Users

MetaManagerâ„¢ can migrate User’s My Folders content between environments. Start by
opening the backup module. Then in the tree use the built-in search “All users with
an IBM Cognos Profile” or “All users My Folders” and drag the search node to the
backup tree. Once the backup is complete you can open this in the Restore module
and change the gateway to the new gateway. Right click the root node in the backup
tree and choose Restore to restore everything.

If the user’s CAMIDs are different in the new environment then you’ll need to supply
a mapping file so we know where to put the content.

I prefer using backup and restore (over deploy) for this type of migration because
it provides macro level error reporting and provides more detailed options. However
it is possible to use the Deploy tab. In this case you would simply select the target
server from the drop down and drag the “All users my folders” search to the grid.