How to Modify the name of a parameter using Object Editor

This article describes how to use the MetaManager’s™ Object Editor module to modify the name of a parameter.


I am contacting you as I do not manage to change a parameter name in multiple report views at once. I can do it with one
report view with the specification editor but I cannot do it for all report views linked to a specific report.

What would be your advice?


You’ll be able to update the report views parameters value using Object Editor:

  • Scroll to the Advanced section
  • Select “Update a Property with Xpath”
  • Check the box to “Enable This Task”
  • Select “Parameter” as the Property Name
  • Type in the Property Xpath: value/item/name
  • Use the Find and Replace Node Value to search for P_5 and replace with P_8
  • Hit Update

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