How To Repair Reports that are not Linked to their Package

Over time, reports may lose their link to a package; being by moving reports from one environment to another or changes in the package name. This article was created to outline how to repair reports that are no longer linked to a package.

•    Searching for broken reports
    Let's begin first by searching for those broken reports. Using the Object Editor Module, use the quick search options and go to Reports > "Reports Not Linked to a Package." This will generate a list of all reports in your environment that are not linked to a package.

•    Link to a package

    Now that the list has been generated, let's link them to a specified package. This process replaces the package reference on each of the reports with the search path of the package you select.

•    Automatically link to a package option

    You also have the option to re-link the report to its original package. How does this work? Reports have a reference in the specification to the package that they built against, this is to support Report Studio’s Copy to Clipboard/Open from clip board option. We use this to TRY and find that package in the environment. This is a good option to fix as much as possible automatically, then the hard Link to a package option for the remaining content.

•    Use Content Documenter to Document a report that shows report > package linkage after linking report to package to ensure linkage occurred properly.

    For this process, you'll want to use Content Documenter and drag over your public folder. Then in the pane below open the Reporting folder and select "Report." Next, in the left pane open the Report folder and select "Package." Lastlu, select your output format(.xlsx), save location, and document.