How to Search for Reports with toAddress

 How can I create a list of all reports that are scheduled to run and include the “ToAddress” and “CCAdress” information?

There are two ways to get this information using Content Store Documenter. You can
either document the schedule objects and the options property (where toAddress is
stored) or you can document the objects that have the schedule and choose the schedule
property. The 2nd option will provides enhanced formatting for schedule properties.

Option 1:

In order to find all schedules you can use the search path making sure that ‘Advanced
SearchPath Mode’ is on.:


Please note that this will select all schedules. If you are looking for schedules
that are active, then you would use the following search path instead:


From there, you can drag the “Advanced Search” over to the area. Select the properties
“Options”, “Parent” & “Ancestors” and document.

Option 2:

You’ll need to search for all of the objects (e.g. reports) that have a schedule:


Document the “Ancestors” & “Schedule” property.

Both documents will give you the toAddress & ccAddress but one may be in a better
form than the other depending on what you’re doing with the data.