Installing MetaManager™

MetaManager™ is installed on a per user basis, and each user must have a Serial Number
assigned from Tech Data BSP Software. In the event you have not received your Serial
Number, please contact Tech Data BSP Software via the support website.

To install the product, you must:

  1. Ensure that you have downloaded the most current version of MetaManager™ from the
    Tech Data BSP Software site as described above.

    • is the 32-bit version of MetaManager™
    • is the 64-bit version of MetaManager™

2. Unzip the file if applicable.

NOTE: When installing this product on a Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Windows
7 Operating System Where User Access Control (UAS) is enabled, you may need to execute
the Setup. exe project with escalated privileges for this installation to complete
properly. This can be simply performed but right-clicking on the Setup.exe and choosing
the option to “Run as Administrator”. Note that Administrative Privileges is not
the same as User Account Control(UAC) controls under “Run as Administrator” which
escalates the install privileges on the file and emulates full rights and control
over folders, files, registry, etc.

3. Navigate to the location of the MetaManagerSetup.msi file, and double click
to initiate the installation.

NOTE: The associated .exe file is only required when the user installing
MetaManager™ does not have the prerequisite .net files installed prior to the installation
of MetaManager™. In this event, the setup.exe will be executed automatically when
the .msi is initiated

4. At the MetaManager installation Welcome Screen, select Next.
5. At the License Agreement screen, please review the License, Maintenance
and Support Agreement
carefully. After reviewing and agreeing with the terms
and conditions, select the radio button next to I Agree and select Next.
6. Enter a desired location for the installation files. By default, the product
will install to C:Program FilesBSPMetaManager. Select Next.
7. At the Confirm Installation screen, review your selections and when ready
to install, select Next.
8. At the Installation Complete screen, select Close.


Upgrading from a Previous Version

If you currently have MetaManager™ Series 3 or Series 4 installed on your machine
and are performing an upgrade to the most current release.

  1. If upgrading from MetaManager™ Series 4 or earlier: Open MetaManager and Deactivate
    your current license. Help > Deactivate License.
  2. Log in and select the software you want to download
  3. It is recommended that you download the ‘Stable Release’ if there are multiple versions,
    unless told by support otherwise.
  4. 4. Run the Setup and MetaManager™ will be upgraded to the most current version.

NOTE: The default installation directory has changed in MetaManager™ Series
4 and up If you have batch files or scheduled tasks that launch the MetaManager™
Control Panel then it may be necessary to update the directory path of the controlpanel.exe
executable from “C:Program FilesBSPMetaManager Series 3” to “C:Program FilesBSPMetaManager”


If upgrading MetaManager™ version 5 or higher, simply run the executable file and
install over top of the old MetaManager™. There is no need to deactivate unless upgrading
from a version 4 or earlier.