“Internal Server Error” when using MetaManager™

Have you seen? 500 – Internal Server Error or “An error occurred while performing
the operation”

Recently more and more customers using MetaManager™ have been running into this generic
“Internal Server Error” when MetaManager™ runs into a snag with Cognos. Well after
some digging around it’s because folks are moving up to Windows 2008 server, which
uses IIS 7.5. IIS 7.5 by default masks error details for remote clients and returns
back a very simple and revealing “Something darn gone wrong!”. MetaManager™ has a
lot of smarts built around server error messages and can recover from many errors
on it’s own, for example if your session times out we log you back on and try again.
But if the server masks the error than we don’t know how to recover and we can really

* Catch the misspelling in the screen shot? We’re working on that.

In the past the answer has been to point MetaManager™ against the Dispatcher instead
of the gateway so we could get the real error message. That will still work, but
if you prefer you can alter IIS to display the error details.1. Open IIS7.5 and choose Error Pages2. Select the error 500.3. Choose Edit Feature Settings4. Change the return to “Detailed Errors”

Now in MetaManager™ you’ll see that the process can either recover and works properly
or the real error is returned to you.
If you can’t change your IIS setting then pointing MetaManager™ at the dispatcher
will work as well.