Receiving ‘Incomplete’ Status During Migration

When the Security Update is run, the changes are not limited to the policies but to every property of the object such as contacts, owners, email recipients etc. The 'Incomplete' status will be returned when the object is referencing a CAMID from the 'old' namespace which isn't included in the mapping file. This normally occurs when a USER has left the company and are therefore not included in the new namespace, but have references in Cognos to their CAMID. These CAMIDs will generally be displayed in Cognos as ‘Unavailable’ if the user has also been deleted from the security namespace.

It will also occur when a staged migration is being undertaken, i.e. the migration of users to the new security provider is taking place over several days or weeks so the mapping file only contains a subset of the total IBM Cognos users. For this article we are concentrating on the instances where the user has left the company.

We always recommend cleaning as much of the Content Store before performing the migration and many of the 'Incomplete' status codes during the 'Security' migration can be addressed by changing the Owner and Contact details.  First you can identify these old users when creating the mapping file. They will have the status of 'No match' and the status column can be sorted to group these together. Unfortunately when creating the mapping file we only save the instances where there is a valid mapping from source to target so the following analysis will need to be done with the information retained in the mapping screen.

MetaManager has a number of built in searches to enable identification of objects, in this case run 'Content owned by a specific user' in Object Editor for these old users and change the Owner and Contact to an account that will be migrated, for instance and Admin account. This will potentially remove many of the 'Incomplete' status codes during the 'Security' migration.

Once the Owner and Contact have been changed it is an opportune time to consider what to do with the content that unmapped users have created and saved to their ‘My Folders’ location; here are a couple of options.

  1. The Content which needs to be retained could be moved to the Public Folders using MetaManager’s Portal Tree View, and the accounts can then deleted using the Portal Tree view in MetaManager or
  1. The old employees could be removed from the Namespace and then they would be classed as 'Orphaned Accounts'. Their content can then be recovered to the Public Folders location using the Orphaned Account Module which would also delete the account from IBM Cognos.

Once the account is deleted either manually or by the Orphaned Accounts module, the user will also be deleted from all Groups and Roles memberships, further reducing the number of 'Incomplete' statuses during the Security Update.