User Usage Report of Packages and Datasources

Can MetaManager™ help me create a report of users of any/all packages and any/all Cube Data Sources?

MetaManager™ can help you get some of this information but you’ll need to do some
work stitching it together to really get a user to datasource report. Sounds like
something we should consider automating though. In MetaManager’s™ Content Store Documenter
you can document all of the packages and choose the datasource property, be sure
to uncheck document all descendents. This report will tell you which packages use which datasources.
For the 2nd part you need to figure out which user’s are using which reports. I
assume you mean user’s running reports, this information is stored in the Audit
log which MetaManager™ doesn’t communicate with. In the Audit log you can issue a
query (or run a report) to see which user is running a report. In the reports table
there is a field to show which package the report is tied to. You can use the searchpath
from that field to match to the excel document that maps packages to datasources.