The MetaManager Support and Development teams are very happy to release this new module.  Performance Monitoring in MetaManager brings a couple of productivity enhancements to users.


Building on our Performance Dashboard, users now have the ability to monitor the Cognos Gateway, Dispatcher, and the Active Content Manager, and to be alerted to any change in status, such as a Gateway or Dispatcher failure.  Based upon the status of these areas, MetaManager™ can take several actions.

monitoring-emailWhen taking an action, MetaManager™ can send send alerts via email, call a WebRequest, or execute a custom script.
MetaManager™ gives users a couple of options when taking actions.  You can create an action on any status change, so if something goes bad, you will know about it, and if it gets corrected, you will want to know about it as well.  However, if you are using a WebRequest to log a ticket to the IT department, you may only want an action taken for failures.  Additionally, you have the ability to customize the specificity of the alerts, including individual alerts for each failure, or creating a batch of all failures and including those in one action. So if you’re receiving an email, it would be helpful to receive all of the failures batched together in one email, but if you are logging tickets, then having each failure create individual actions would be preferable.  Alternatively, if you want to build some integration, MetaManager™ can run a script to provide all information about the tests, checks, and values and everything that happened.

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