Integrated Management Suite™


Integrated Management Suite™ is a feature-rich IBM Cognos Analytics enhancement which is fully integrated into the IBM Cognos Portal as an IBM Cognos Analytics Extension. Integrated Management Suite allows Cognos users to explore and document Cognos related to a variety of use cases, including License Administration, Security, Datasource Validation, and more.

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The Administration Module allows users to fully understand their IBM Cognos Licenses, their IBM Cognos Aministration settings, and to run a full IBM Cognos Security Audit.
  • License Auditor
  • Cognos Administration
  • Security Audit


Use the Audit module to quickly and easily identify scheduled content, large report outputs, and overwritten security policies.  IMS users can also Analyze Reports and view Security Lineage.
  • Scheduled Content¬†
  • Stored Outputs
  • Securrity Concerns
  • Report Analyzer
  • Security Lineage


Clean up your IBM Cognos Analytics environment with the Management module. Find and relocate orphaned accounts, and assign ownership to previously owned items in the content store.
  • Unowned Content
  • Orphaned Accounts


The Search modules allows users to find and document reports that do not run because they are not linked to a package and to find schedules run by specific Cognos accounts.
  • Reports Not Linked to a Package
  • Schedules Run by a Specific Account


Use the Validation module to effortlessly validate all IBM Cognos Analytics datasources and reports with the click of a button.
  • Datasource Validation
  • Report Validation

Customized to Your Needs
Administrators can configure and customize the Integrated Management Suite experience directly from the Integrated Management Suite extension.

Put End Users to Work
With the Integrated Management Suite, tasks previously reserved for the Cognos Administrator can now be completed by any number of Cognos Users. The power of the Integrated Management Suite is now a force multiplier for your documentation requirements.

Seamless Integration
As a custom IBM Cognos Analytics Extension, the Integrated Management Suite fits seamlessly inside the Cognos Environment with the same look and feel as all of Cognos Analytics.