MetaManager™ + JavaScript = Your very own easy button!

Automate your BI helpdesk and free your IT staff of repetitive mundane tasks.

Adapt our software to your needs

Rather than adapting your business processes to match the software you can now take the power of MetaManager™ and overlay your business processes exactly how you want them to be run. MetaManager’s™ Scripting API provides easy to use access to common tasks within IBM Cognos. Commands can be scripted and executed within MetaManager’s™ Script Runner module using basic JavaScript. In addition using ASP.Net it becomes trivial to add functionality to the IBM Cognos Connection interface, such as a link for users to unsubscribe from a report.

The MetaManager™ Scripting API has built in support for reading and writing Native Excel files and SQL Server databases as well as the ability to send emails. These extensions allow our customers to script their processes with the IBM Cognos Store and integrate them into other systems and data feeds providing a holistic solution.

Automation, Consistency, Quality

Here’s a couple of repetitive tasks that our customers have automated:

  • Synchronize security with a spreadsheet or a database
  • Push button to create folder structures for a new project
  • Create Report Views with pre-defined prompt
  • Allow users to unsubscribe from report schedules
  • Enforce naming conventions across a project

Simple Example:

Here’s a simple example of how to log onto an IBM Cognos Server and create a security group with 3 members.
                    // Create an instance of Cognos and logon
                    var url = "http://localhost/ibmcognos/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi";
                    var server = api.createServer(url);
                    server.logon("Local", "Ari", "");
                    // Log to the console the current server and user.
                    console.log("Logged onto: " + server.url);
                    console.log("Logged on as: " + server.getCurrentUser().name);
                    // Create a group and set its members
                    console.log("Create group: New Group");
                    var group = server.createGroup(folder.searchPath, "New Group");
                    group.securityFns.addMember('CAMID(":Authors") ');
                    group.securityFns.addMember('CAMID(":Consumers") ');
                    // Log off of the server.
Take this example and include some equally simple code to read information from a spreadsheet or a database and you now have an automated system to synchronize security.

What can the API do for you?

MetaManager API vs. IBM Cognos BI SDK

The IBM Cognos BI SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of programming tools intended to be used by C++, C# or Java to interact with the IBM Cognos Content store. This SDK is a complete offering containing low level programming tools for developing professional software applications that extend any and all supported capabilities of IBM Cognos. Many IBM Business Partners and Customers with a skill set in both Software Engineering and IBM Cognos BI build scalable professional applications for general use and sale.

MetaManager™ is a robust and mature software application that provides functionality addressing common IBM Cognos Content store processes. MetaManager™ is built upon a proprietary framework that simplifies the complexities of many common IBM Cognos actions. For example this framework provides simple mechanisms for logging onto IBM Cognos, validating reports, validating datasources, deploying content and making general changes to properties such as security and stored parameters. The MetaManager™ API exposes a subset of this application framework to end users via JavaScript or as a .NET Module to be consumed by C# or In addition the MetaManager™ API provides version independence as it can connect to all versions of IBM Cognos from 8.0 to the latest version and fixpack, from a single installation.

Benefits of the MetaManager™ API over the IBM Cognos SDK:

  • Version Independence: You won’t need to rebuild your project for each new version of IBM Cognos.
  • Simplicity: Several common actions which are multi-step and heavy logic algorithms using the IBM SDK have been covered as a simple API call by MetaManager™.
  • Reuse: MetaManager™ has solved the complex problems, you get the benefit of many years of seasoned and tested code.
  • Learning Curve: The MetaManager™ API can be used with non-compiled text files (JavaScript & ASPX). No fancy IDE, compilation or Jar files to build.
  • Change: When a tweak is needed to a script or a process it can generally be done by a person with little to no programming experience.
  • Integration: The MetaManager™ API also exposes easy access to Native Microsoft Excel, Email and Accessing Database Tables. All common integration points with custom applications.
  • Support: Tech Data BSP Support has an A+ reputation for providing helpful support in a timely manner.
  • Extend: Using the Server API you can extend the IBM Cognos Portal and Report to provide custom screens to end users.
  • Getting Started: Common activities are available as starter templates which can be tweaked to meet your needs.