Conduct selective backups of any content within the Content Store (packages, folders, reports, links, data sources, etc.). Like all modules of the product, this module can be run on demand or via a schedule. The flexible search criteria enables administrators to hone in on very selective content in ways that the normal IBM Cognos export can’t.

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Selectively restore objects within or across environments. Restoring individual or multiple objects through drag-and-drop saves a tremendous amount of time and effort without having to do any database backups, etc. Recovering objects that have been deleted no longer requires reviving a Content Store backup. The restore module is extremely flexible in its ability to restore objects in selective manner to any location you desire.

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In order to migrate selective objects in IBM Cognos from environment to environment, the objects must be backed up with IBM Cognos Export, and the deployment file must be manually moved to the new environment. When unpacking it, everything packaged gets restored, which may be more than you want. In addition, My Folder content is not included. We prefer selecting one or more reports, groups, roles, folders, packages or anything and deploying them to a target server in seconds.

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Content Extractor

Content Extractor enables users to extract archived content from scheduled reports in the Content Store to a location on a file system. The content is automatically named to reflect the object name in IBM Cognos Connection. Content Extractor allows users to specify the objects and output format that will be extracted. The module also has the ability to run off of a schedule by using command line mode. This ensures the content being extracted is continually refreshed.

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Pagelet Blasters

Once an IBM Cognos environment has been established, the goal is to ease the user experience and drive adoption. This can be facilitated through the creation of custom pagelets (“portal tabs”) within IBM Cognos Connection. Creating, distributing and maintaining custom portal tabs aids in the ease of use of IBM Cognos Connection. Pagelet Blasters allows users to distribute custom portal tabs to any and all named users, groups and roles. Pagelet Blasters also allows the user to set the default home page and reorder the pagelets for users.

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Preferences Blasters

The Preferences Blasters Module enables administrators to distribute account preferences to any user, group or role within an IBM Cognos environment. Unlike the IBM Cognos interface of changing preferences one account at a time, MetaManager’s™ Preference Blaster has the ability to blast preferences to any number of users, groups, and roles at once. When setting up a custom skin in IBM Cognos, this is a great way to deploy the skin preference to your users.

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Schedule Blasters

The Schedule Blaster Module has the ability to schedule multiple reports based off of one source. Schedule Blaster is intended to replicate the schedule information from a source object to any number of target objects. Schedule Blaster also has the ability to clear multiple reports of their schedules.

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Job Runner

Job Runner is designed to execute an IBM Cognos Job using MetaManager’s™ Command Line Interface while also obtaining status information about the job through the common ERRORLEVEL return code. This enables scheduling systems the ability to execute IBM Cognos Jobs and make decisions based on the outcome of the job execution.

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The Compare Module gives the users the ability to understand differences between their IBM Cognos Environments such as changes to security, report specification, stored parameters, ownership and many other properties. Whether the need is troubleshooting or release planning, the Compare Module is the absolute tool for analyzing differences between environments because it provides an in-depth look at the most granular property level. Results can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and record keeping.

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