Canned Reports

Canned Reports gives MetaManager™ customers value straight out-of-the box. It provides users pre-built reports based on common documentation needs such as: user access rights and memberships, datasource validations, all scheduled content in the environment, Cognos Configuration settings, and Cognos Administration settings.

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Content Documenter

Content Documenter documents everything under the sun including object security, group and role memberships, access right assignments, capabilities and a long list of other selectable attributes. Resolve security audits and obtain detailed exposure to the content that lurks within your IBM Cognos environment.

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Content Size

Content Size gives users the ability to view the size of any object in the environment. Users can quickly navigate the portal tree and select content to view its size. Content is sorted from largest to smallest so the larger objects will be brought to your attention first. Both Public Folder and My Folder locations are supported for viewing content size.

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Model Documenter

Model Documenter selectively documents objects and attributes of a Framework Manager model to a variety of output types including PDF, HTML and Microsoft Excel. The output is completely customizable, allowing the user to pick and choose what elements to document and what level of detail to include. In addition, Model Documenter supports outputting multiple languages. This module is instrumental in building a data dictionary for business users to better understand the data that they’re working with.

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Report Documenter

Generate functional specifications of any and all reports within your IBM Cognos environment. The resulting PDF or HTML artifacts can be published to Cognos Connection or any other location on a file system or corporate portal.

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Report Search

Conduct lightning fast searches across a selectable group of reports for quick impact analysis. For example, find all reports using a specific data item and save your results to a variety of formats or take those results to another MetaManager module to continue the journey.

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Screen Tip Generator

Provide insight into the various data items within your report definitions. These screen tips will appear as hover-overs for end users running reports.

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