License Auditor

With a complex security model it can be difficult to manage capabilities and understand if your environment is compliant with the IBM Cognos licenses you own. License Auditor takes away all the guess work by undertaking an automated audit and allocating Licenses to users, with the option to output the results.

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Orphaned Accounts

The Orphaned Accounts module enables administrators to search My Folders for accounts that have been deleted from the security namespace. Once located the user’s content can be viewed and, if required, selected to be moved to any folder in the content store.

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Unowned Content

The owner of an object is automatically granted read, write, traverse, and execute permissions overriding the security permissions. If the owner no longer has an account then problems may arise in being able to access the object and edit it. The Unowned Content module allows an administrator to locate, select and take ownership of these objects.

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User Access Viewer

Understanding what a user can and can’t access is now consigned to history as this module displays the Public Folders from any users perspective. Folders can be traversed and security inspected to determine what changes if any need to be made, with the ability to take the object straight to Security Editor to edit and update.

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1. Download MetaManager™ Now!

MetaManager allows administrators, developers and authors to simplify many of the complexities associated with developing, deploying, maintaining and supporting an IBM Cognos BI environment. MetaManager™ now includes License Auditor! Please note that we have updated our licensing system and users upgrading to MetaManager™ Series 5 will need to reactivate their copy of MetaManager™.

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2. Get a License Key

A MetaManager™ license key is free and will unlock trial access to paid modules and full access to free modules.  
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