Security Migration

Migration on your own, on your timelines, at your convenience!

Migrating from a legacy IBM Cognos security source (Access Manager on top of SunOne, AD, etc.) to another is far from trivial. The challenge is that a user in the old security source is not the same user in the new security source, and as a result none of the user’s permissions, preferences or My Folders content will carry over to the new namespace.

BSP Software now offers a self-service option backed by a programmatic solution to this daunting challenge. The BSP Security Migration seamlessly migrates user’s identities from one security source in IBM Cognos to another. Customers migrating to new security sources can now safely and easily migrate each user’s identity to the new security source in a streamlined and automated fashion. BSP provides you with everything you need to perform the migration on your own, on your timelines, at your convenience!

This self-service covers mappings from:

    • Framework Manager Model Security
    • Transformer Model Security
    • My Folders Content
    • Preferences
    • Portal Pages
    • Schedules
    • Membership
    • Capabilities
    • Policies
    • Ownership
    • And Many More Properties

This self-service offering includes:

  • 60 days of unlimited use of the solution.
  • Unlimited environment usage, so you can migrate as many as you need to.
  • Access to certain MetaManager™ modules to assist in the process.
  • Premier customer support to get you going in your hour of need!

And best of all, the self-service solution comes at one fixed cost!

Check out the video to see the BSP Security Migration Self-Service in action.

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