IBM Cognos Content Assessment

Trying to leverage IBM Cognos to meet your business demands for greater agility can be challenging, especially when faced with complexities associated with developing, deploying, maintaining and supporting. Gain the insight needed for better performance and security of your IBM Cognos environment with this assessment tool.

How it Works

The engagement starts with a performance test of your IBM Cognos Content Store to gather information on the size and usage of the environment. Generally, the assessment takes two to three days to fully execute.

A series of use case based reports are conducted by Tech Data’s BSP Software MetaManager to determine performance issues and anomalies in the areas of Validation, Optimization and Security.


  • Discover broken reports, views and shortcuts
  • Validate jobs and job step targets
  • Examine report and schedule ownership
  • Verify report package linkage
  • Validate datasources and sign-ons


  • Review the use of embedded SQL
  • Compare multi-dispatcher administration settings for consistency and correctness
  • Review stored output size, age and retentions
  • Compare Dev to Prod for inconsistencies


  • Identify content with explicit security
  • Review accounts with direct access to content.
  • Examine email recipients and attachments
  • Audit IBM licensing and user capabilities

Upon completion of the assessment, our consultants will provide actionable next steps and recommendations for optimizing your IBM Cognos environment(s) for enhanced business intelligence and data-driven analytics.

Download a sample assessment report!