Computer Based Training

Learn the power of MetaManager™ at your own pace and on your own schedule. BSP’s Computer Based Training provides an on-demand approach to help you learn the skills needed to tackle some of the most challenging tasks when administering a Cognos environment. You can choose a single course for help on a specific need, or all of the available courses to gain a more complete understanding of MetaManager™. Each module is covered in a 10 to 15 minute video overview. Shorter videos covering specific use cases and tips-and-tricks are also included.


View common use cases and learn valuable tips-and-tricks for managing objects in the Content Store.
Gain insight into efficiently viewing and managing accounts, groups, and roles in an IBM Cognos environment.
Learn tools for backing up, restoring, and deploying content in IBM Cognos.
Create valuable documentation about an IBM Cognos environment from report attribute, access rights, models, and more!
This bundle includes all four training courses to make sure you can tackle any problem that you run in to.

Available Content per Course

  • Validate multiple reports simultaneously.
  • Automate the process of repairing broken objects in the Content Store.
  • Link reports to a new or different package.
  • Manage and update stored parameters in bulk.
  • Audit and report on group and role memberships and access rights.
  • Create groups and roles and assign memberships via CSV files.
  • Find and replace CAMID’s across multiple objects.
  • Replicate security assignment from one account to many other accounts, groups and roles in the environment.
  • Backup any content in content store.
  • Restore any individual object from a MetaManager backup including My Folder content.
  • Promote any object to any other environment.
  • Distribute portal tabs to groups, roles and individual users.
  • Perform quick impact analysis across multiple reports at once.
  • Document specific reports to provide end users with detailed information such as data items, filters, prompts, etc.
  • Create documentation for any combination of objects and attributes of a Framework Manager Model.
  • Document any object or property including: general information, ownership, security, memberships, usage, history, and much more.

On-site Training

On-site training is available as well. A BSP trainer will navigate your team through the entire suite of MetaManager™ modules over the course of 3 days. For pricing and details please contact your sales representative.

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