Managing user memberships can be tough. This particular pain point has been a hot topic with many of our clients over the last few weeks. We recently wrote a knowledgebase article that provides tips on how to make bulk updates to memberships. This article highlights the Security Editor module in MetaManagerâ„¢ to assist with the updates. Our goal with Security Editor, as with all module in MetaManagerâ„¢, is to help you automate these types of tedious or cumbersome tasks in Cognos so you can complete them more quickly and efficiently.

The article focuses on two main use cases:

1) Removing a user from all their group and role memberships.
2) Removing multiple users from multiple groups at the same time.

We definitely recommend checking out the new knowledgebase article linked to below if either or both of these use cases sound familiar to you.

Knowledgebase Article