The MetaManager Support and Development teams are very happy to release this new feature in version 5.4.  Tabbed Modules in MetaManager bring a couple of productivity enhancements to users.

First by opening only the modules that you need you can easily flip back and forth between the modules you’re working in, saving time hunting through a list of 46 modules in MetaManager.

Second Tabbed Modules allows you to open more than one instance of a module.  This allows your development work to continue fluidly.

Third the Gateway Connection selector has been moved to the tab level, allowing you the ability to connect different tabs to different servers.  Of all the benefits this, in our opinion, is the most fantastic.  You can now work on Development, Test & Prodduction environments side-by-side from within the same instance of MetaManager.

Tabs are colored by connection to help you make sure you’re working on the correct server at all times. The connection colors are configurable in the MetaManager Options Screen.

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Tabbed MetaManager