Upgrade to Cognos Analytics

With the release of the long-term support version of Cognos 11.0.13, and the additional AI features available in the latest release of Cognos 11.1, there is more of an incentive than ever to upgrade to Cognos Analytics now. Capitalize on this opportunity with Tech Data BSP Software.

Why update? This top-performing software features a new easy-to-use interface, dashboards, and improved data discovery. Cognos 11.1 offers solutions for a wide variety of challenges from security to efficiency, all in one completely web-based analytics tool.


Gain the insight needed for better performance and security of your IBM Cognos environment with MetaManager.

Use MetaManager to perform a test of your IBM Cognos Content Store to gather information on the size and usage of the environment. A series of use case based reports are created to determine performance issues and anomalies in the areas of Validation, Optimization and Security.

Utilize the power of MetaManager to update, fix, and archive/delete old and outdated objects or to adjust your security architecture.

Integrated Management Suite

Reduce the burden on your Cognos administrator during an upgrade.

Integrated Management Suite allows Cognos users to explore and document your Cognos environment to identify issues before you upgrade and move those problems to your new environment.

Allow your users to document and gain insight in areas such as License Administration, Security, Datasource Validation, and more.