Ease the Burden of a Cognos Upgrade with MetaManager

MetaManager will help you identify and fix issues in your current Cognos environment before you begin your upgrade.  Clean up all of the garbage, fix your broken reports, tidy up your security and licensing BEFORE you move all of that into Cognos Analytics. 

MetaManager can then help you upgrade to Cognos Analytics and then, once you are set up and ready, help you maintain a clean, healthy and effective IBM Cognos Analytics environment.

See what our customers are doing with MetaManager below and request an UNRESTRICTED FULLY FUNCTIONAL 30-DAY TRIAL to put MetaManager to work in your own environment.

Shrink the Content Store

With more than 2,300 users and 120,000+ objects some of the regular environmental maintenance had been neglected while other issue were sorted out.  Using MetaManager the admin was able to identify a large number of report outputs.  By archiving and removing report outputs that were more than 12-months old, they were able to reduce the size of their content store by more than 25%.

In addition to shrinking their content store, freeing up space and resources for growth, they were also able to identify reports that had not been used for more than two years and schedule that have been regularly failing.  With this information in hand, they were able to work with the end users to identify additional objects which could be archived and deleted (further reducing the size of their content store), and brought to light a number of reports and schedules that needed to be prioritized for updates prior to their upgrade to Cognos Analytics.

-Luxury Fashion Retailer

Identify Excessive Content Size in My Folders

Needing to document and identify users with significant amounts of content stored in their My Folders, they turned to MetaManager to identify all content in each users My Folders, identify users with large numbers of objects and objects that are taking up a lot of space.  Using this information they could target individual users to clean up their My Folders and determine what content could be archived, what is in use by documenting the modification date, and documenting against the Audit Database for run history, and what should perhaps be moved to Public Folders to be shared with a larger audience (especially in the case where a report exists in multiple My Folders).

-Global Security and Logistics Organization

Remove Unnecessary Content

Their customer was interested in identifying all empty folders within the content store prior to an upgrade.  Using MetaManager they were able to document and identify folders without children, import their exported results back into MetaManager and quickly remove these empty containers from their environment before migrating them to a new environment.

-International Consulting Firm

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