Integrated Control Suite™ 

New Version, New Features, New Pricing!

Spend 45 minutes with us and find out how our solution makes managing the BI Project Lifecycle easy and affordable.

insightAvnet BSP Software's Integrated Control Suite™ provides self-service tools for Authors, policies and processes for Administrators and Insight into the BI Lifecycle for the entire organization.  All this at an affordable price with No Per-User or Per-Dispatcher fees. 
versionVersion control for every object in the IBM Cognos Content Store
documentDocumentation for reports in PDF format exported directly from the Authoring Studio
auditAuditing of all changes to the IBM Cognos Environment including security, report changes and new content.
promotionSelf-service and project based deployment solutions including lineage between BI environments to help track and compare movement of reports across environments.
recoveryThe Recycle Bin allows user to recover their deleted content without reverting to a backup or involving an Administrator.
broadcastBroadcast Message and User Activity allows administrators to monitor active sessions in the BI Environment and notify users of impending downtime.

This webinar took place on 4/23/2015.