Compliance, Governance, Oversight

Spend 45 minutes with us next week and find out how our Version Control and Administrative Tools solutions provide Auditing, Workflow and Process Management to help your IBM Cognos Environment meet your organization’s regulatory requirements.

In this webinar we will use Integrated Version Control and MetaManager to cover regulatory topics such as:
  • Model Development
  • Report Development
  • Security Management
  • Content Management
  • Deployment Auditing
  • Dev/Test/Prod Lifecycle Management


SOX Compliance and other regulatory needs require us to have Processes and Controls to govern how certain work is performed and Auditing for transparency and review.  Tech Data BSP Software provides both the workflow and the auditing for an IBM Cognos environment throughout features in our MetaManager™ Administrative Tools and our Integrated Control Suite™ Version Control Solution. To provide a proper audit these solutions work together to create an impressive linkage of change management auditing from the Framework Manager model to the Report eventually published in the Production system.


1) We start the process in MetaManager’s™ Version Control module whereby users can Checkout, Update and Checkin changes to Framework Manager Models.  These changes are recorded in the Version Control system and linkage is created between the Framework Manager Model changes and the published Package in the Development System. This linkage is available to users by visiting the Version Control screen for the Package in Cognos Connection. From here we can see what version of the Framework Manager model a Package version is tied to.

Framework Manager To PackageLinkage


2) Once the package is published in the Development system reports can be created off of this version of the package.  The Version Control system will link each new version of the Report to the version of the Package that was being used when the changes were made.

Report to Package Linkage


3) Reports are generally developed in the Development environment and then promoted or published to a Production environment.  ICS provides tools to allow authors and/or administrators the ability to perform promotions from directly in Cognos Connection. When using these mechanisms the Version Control system will create a linkage between the two reports in the two environments.  From the Development environment we can see that the report was pushed to Production and from the Production environment we can see that the report came from Development.

Report Promotion Linkage 1


Now that we’ve seen the end to end linage we can explore the traceability created by these features.  A user can now look at a specific version of a Report in a Production environment and with certainty explain where this Report came from, who put here, when it got here, what Package version it was built off of and what Framework Manager version it was built off of as well as the modification times and authors for those changes.

Report Promotion Linkage 2


These features are available in Integrated Control Suite™ and are available for a Free Trial today. Simply download ICS and contact us for a Trial License key.