We just updated the Backup Module in MetaManager™ and want to show off and explain some of the new functionality.


First let’s look at the old Backup Module. In the old version to backup an item you would drag the item from the portal tree to the backup tree. The backup tree was helpful because it gave you a sort of preview of what you were backing up, however there was a discrepancy in the design that could make it confusing. For example in this image you can see that we’re backing up the f3 folder and the 3 reports in it. This is a static list of items. As you can see in the portal tree to the left a new report has been added to the folder which won’t be backed up. What’s even more confusing is since the f1 folder above hasn’t been expanded in the backup tree it will dynamically collect any new reports added to the folder. So these two folders are acting differently. This is design problem we looked to correct while also adding new functionality and not losing back support for existing MetaManager™ Backup MMX files.

Now let’s look at the new version. The new version is cleaner and more consistent with other modules in MetaManager™. You can now drag static items, such as reports or dynamic items such as folders and searches to the processing pane. In this view you can see that we’ve added both the f1 and f3 folders.   When the backup is executed all of the items in that folder will be backed up.

We’ve also added a filtering concept into many of our grids. By using this you can select a folder and then choose just the types of objects that you want to retrieve in the results. So for example if you only wanted to backup the reports, query and analyses then you can simply select those items in the filter and the results will be filtered by those types. This is also supported in the Content Documenter module to make it easier to create dynamic documentation about specific types of objects.

This new functionality has been tested with older MetaManager™ MMX files but we encourage you to test and review any automatic backups that you currently have running. If you run into any issues contact us at support@bspsoftware.com and we will address the issue as a priority.