Tech Data BSP Software is on fire – not literally of course, but according to current and former customers, and potential customers who are exploring the best support software for IBM Cognos, BSP Software continues to come out on top.

In late October, the Tech Data BSP Software team travelled to Miami to attend the IBM Data & AI Forum where they met with Cognos end users and resellers. Over the course of four days, the team engaged in many meetings, conversations, demonstrations and observation. When all was said and done, the message received was loud and clear:

  • BSP Software is a market leader. Through conversations with event attendees, the BSP team learned their product is a top choice in the market. Current BSP Software customers and event attendees who engaged in demonstrations commented how:
    1. BSP Software is more robust than the competition. MetaManager™ features a vast array of functionality you cannot find with other Cognos support software.
    2. BSP Software exceeds ease-of-use expectations. It’s simple and uncomplicated.
    3. BSP Software is fully integrated with IBM Cognos – unlike the competition, there are no separate applications to run alongside Cognos, making the user experience seamless.
    4. Tech support is bar none in comparison to other comparable software companies. Not only does tech support help with common software issues, they love to solve problems and help Admins maximize Cognos efficiency.
  • BSP Software has a following. Many former customers of BSP Software who have moved on to different companies are actively trying to become customers once again. Product transfer makes up a big chunk of BSP’s current customer base for good reason.
  • BSP Software solves many IBM Cognos use cases. This alone is a major reason why BSP has a cult-like customer following – BSP Software solves problems for the IBM Cognos user.

The feedback provided to the BSP team during their time at the IBM Data & AI Forum will continue to drive new strategy and innovation for future BSP Software iterations. With a growing business and solid market position, BSP Software has never been more focused on delivering the best Cognos user experience available today.