Cognos Administration Tools

US Patent, 8,073,863

Cognos administration tools for maintaining a clean, healthy and effective IBM Cognos BI environment.
Minimize mean time to recovery during a support crisis.
Gain proactive insight into a growing or deteriorating BI investment.
Audit, visualize and implement a secure analytics environment.
Manage change and automate Cognos security for thousands of users and hundreds of demands.
All of this and so much more with BSP’s unparalleled customer support behind you.

Do it with MetaManager™. It’s just easier!

MetaManager™ is a collection of capabilities that work together to get the job done. Whether you’re making database changes, implementing a security policy, recovering content or administering and managing the everyday activities that demand your time, MetaManager™ takes the tactical work so you can be more strategic. MetaManager’s™ success is accredited to its simplicity on the surface but sheer horsepower one level deeper. Our internal motto in developing software has always been “Simple tasks should be easy, but difficult ones should be possible”.

We build great software because we use it!

MetaManager™ was built by seasoned Cognos software engineers and IBM Cognos consultants who have lived and breathed the same hardships that you deal with on a daily basis. Armed with the best Consultants in the industry and the best software solutions in the market have driven huge successes and ROI on service engagements. Our reach into the field has enabled us to see firsthand the challenges that BI Administrators, Developers and users need to overcome.

Let MetaManager™ drive your IBM Cognos ROI.

The success of your organization’s Business Analytics initiatives strongly depends on the effectiveness to develop, administer, and deliver those initiatives. System Administrators, Developers, Data Architects and other personnel working within an IBM Cognos environment encounter cumbersome, time-consuming tasks that can inhibit an organization’s ability to provide accurate, on-time, and healthy reporting. MetaManager™ streamlines processes and makes insurmountable tasks trivial. Achieving ROI on MetaManager™ is a no-brainer (give our ROI Calculator a test drive); it’s the ROI on your IBM investment that we want to see you maximize!

We’re here when you need us.

Whether you have an enhancement idea or are calling us in your hour of need wondering if MetaManager™ can help, feel assured you have a team of support technicians and software engineers dedicated to your success. Our customer support is unparalleled in the industry. Over several years we have designed, built and implemented a support system that ensures our customers get the attention they need and deserve.

So what can you do with MetaManager™?

Take the product tour through the features pages and find out what MetaManager™ can do for you and your organization. When you’ve had enough sales hype, head over to the podcasts or the knowledgebase for a deeper dive.