Integrated Control Suite™


Integrated Control Suite™ is a Version Control and Change Management system that provides a scalable, feature-rich platform designed to fully support business policies, processes and practices. Modifications made to reports during the development lifecycle are captured in real-time and stored alongside previous versions to provide a complete revision history which is fully integrated into the IBM Cognos Portal as an IBM Cognos Analytics Extension.

Designed and developed in conjunction with Financial Institutions and Pharmaceutical Companies, the Integrated Control Suite™ supports the requirements of Compliance, Regulatory Reporting and Audits by providing comprehensive information on objects changes and promotions. This lineage enables tracing reports delivered in the Production environment back through the development lifecycle to the corresponding version of the Framework Manager Model.

Version Control for IBM Cognos Analytics

Version Control provides auditing and revision history for report, data sources, groups, roles, packages, models, jobs or any other object within the system.
  • Commentary on version changes
  • Check in / Check out workflows
  • Ability to revert to previous versions
  • Compare between versions or across environments
  • Self-service deployment
With low cost pricing starting at $9,900
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Support for Framework Manager

Designed specifically for Framework Manager and Transformer Models, Integrated Client Versioning™ delivers a unique folder-based solution to version control.
  • Versioning of entire folders rather than individual files
  • Automatic versioning of new project files
  • Integrated security leveraging IBM Cognos authentication
  • Projects can be secured by user, group or role
  • Centrally managed repository

Deploy Content to Production

Integrated Deployment Manager™ fully supports deployment of reports and other content by authors to aid agile development as well as a managed workflow, enabling administrators to control the process. Both methods significantly reduce the burden of creating and moving exports between environments.
  • Self-Service Deployment
  • Collaborative Deployment Projects through tagging
  • Deployment history and traceability

Recover Content from the Recycle Bin

Why weigh the cost of restoring from a content store backup to salvage lost work when BSP’s Integrated Recycle Bin™ can have your content recovered in minutes! Seamlessly integrated into Cognos Analytics, users can now recover reports, folders or entire packages without burdening administrators or leaving their browser.
  • Each user has a their own Recycle Bin
  • The Recycle Bin is accessed securely from Cognos Analytics
  • All IBM Cognos content is supported
  • Administrators have full exposure to the entire global Recycle Bin
Say goodbye to the days of painful mistakes and hello to Integrated Recycle Bin™ today!

Spread Knowledge with Report Documentation

The Integrated Report Documenter™ provides report authors with the capability to capture attributes of professionally authored reports in meaningful business context. This provides business users with the insight they need to understand report content, layout, filters and so much more with ease.
  • Integrated directly into the authoring studios
  • Aids agile project development
  • Satisfy corporate audits
  • Quick and easy PDF documentation
  • Document entire folders or packages in bulk
  • Customizable output to match corporate standards

Customized to Your Needs
Administrators can configure and customize the version control experience directly from the IBM Cognos Administration console.

Total Transparency
In addition Administrators can view active users in IBM Cognos, send broadcast messages to users, monitor IBM Cognos license usage and report on user adoption.

Instant Gratification
From the moment ICS is implemented, the business, IT and management instantly benefit from the process control around BI development and the transparency of all changes in the entire IBM Cognos environment.