As IBM Cognos environments grow and mature, the amount of manageable content grows as well. One easy way to free up space in the content store is to remove outdated report outputs from the content store. The new MetaManager update allows users to save their report outputs in their original format and put them in an external file structure- or delete them from the content store- and still have them available if they are needed later.

Content Extractor gives users the ability to quickly and easily identify report outputs that fall into a date range and delete them from the content store while saving them out to their file system. Or, using a MetaManager Canned Report, quickly identify especially large report outputs and remove the largest files. In addition to these new report-targeting features, users can also now clean up individual My Folders by using canned reports.

Occasionally users may find that items they need have been deleted. MetaManager can restore these individual objects back into Cognos, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing these objects are just a click away.